The Caddy’s Cookbook


As a caddy at Augusta National Golf Club, Tripp Bowden learned many invaluable lessons
about golf, life—and food. In The Caddy’s Cookbook, Bowden shares forty of his favorite
recipes inspired by his life spent behind-the-scenes at Augusta. Com- plete with
intrinsic, full-color photos, this book—certainly not standard by any cook- book terms—features
surprising spins on table-friendly classics, such as Honey Baked Ham butter beans, caddy house
gumbo, col- lard greens and pot liquor, deep fried pork chop sandwiches, “Dream on, Maryland”
crab cakes, New England clam chowder, Clubhouse ice cream, toasted pound cake (also known
as Mr. Roberts’s Dessert), and Bowden’s favorite beverage from the nine- teenth hole.
Along the way, Bowden contextualizes how and when he enjoyed some of these unexpected
culinary delights as he details his unique caddy experiences and the life- long
friendships forged through food and golf. In doing so, he creates a real treat for golf lovers
and food enthusiasts alike, with elements of unscripted humor reminiscent of the classic
Caddyshack sprinkled and dashed throughout!